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Is a Bernese Mountain Dog good for a 11 year old boy?

Is a Bernese Mountain Dog good for a 11 year old boy?

    In Bernese Mountain Dog - Asked by Anonymous - 6/10/2011 11:23:35 PM
absolutely perfect :P
    Answered by Anonymous - 6/18/2011 7:02:01 AM

Bernese Mountain Dogs are a really good breed for an 11 year old boy. I have 2, one male and one female, and they are perfect for my 10 year old girl.
    Answered by Anonymous - 7/17/2011 5:08:18 AM

Bernese Mountain Dog's are the best dogs and great with children. They are smart dogs and can do many tricks. They crave attention and like to sit on your lap or on your feet. If your child is going to be responsible for caring for the dog I must warn you that they shed so much its impossible to keep the floor clean for more than a day or two tops. Swiss Mountain dogs are similar and have short hair-maybe easier to keep up with but I dont know for certain. Because of their size they get tired of playing fetch. They also do not live very long so something you should read up on before you decide. Hard to get attached and have a pet that only lives 8 yrs.
    Answered by Anonymous - 10/21/2011 1:37:32 AM

My son was 11 when he choose a 2 months old Bernese two years ago, my son always call him cutie.
    Answered by Anonymous - 11/26/2011 1:52:34 PM