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We are looking for a Tervuren puppy I have 3 grown cats will the puppy adapt to the cats because...

We are looking for a Tervuren puppy I have 3 grown cats will the puppy adapt to the cats because of the pecking order that most animals have or is thier something a can do to bond them with each other or is this pairing a bad idea ?

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The puppy will naturally want to play with the cats. Whether they get along or not will depend on the cat. A lot of cats don't care for dogs in general, so your cat's personality is the main factor in this pairing. If your cat is willing to put up with the puppy, they will get along just fine.
    Answered by lora98 - 4/2/2012 1:09:00 PM

Yes, you should be able to have harmony in your home after mixing the two, but you will want to supervise the introduction! ;-) The pup may or may not already have experience with cats, and this will dictate how it immediately responds to yours. Also, your cats may have pre-conceived notions of dogs, that could cloud the issue. In general, if you get a young pup, the cats will set the tone for the relationship. If they are wiling to play, the pup will be very glad to, and if the cats say "No." the pup will mostly respect that. If the cats run, then a chase will be on, and this is not a good habit to let develop. So make sure your cats won't run, but instead just set the pup in it's place, and this should take care of it. Of course, you'll want to be doing training with the pup so that it minds you'r commands, and a simple "No" in the future will keep things on the right path, if the pup be tempted to stray! ;-) Hope this helps! Elizabeth K.
    Answered by TrueKnightTervurens - 3/5/2014 2:15:04 PM