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My pup is a Belgian Shepherd Rottweiler mix. What characteristics can I look forward to in the...

My pup is a Belgian Shepherd Rottweiler mix. What characteristics can I look forward to in the Belgian side versus the Rott? How dominant are the Shepherd traits?

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Well knowing that Rotts can get very aggressive while as Belgian malinois are much more gentle and sweet, also Belgians tend to be loyal ,hard working ,smart ,cute and very protective of the family member they bond most with. But then again it could still not be a malinois. I thought mine was just a Belgian sheperd that had short fur but then I saw the malinois that looked much more like him. So good luck raising it! When your done it is a very loving companion.:)
    Answered by Anonymous - 8/27/2011 5:57:17 PM

I have a 3.5 years old Belgian Shepherd (Tervueren)/Rottweiler mix. She has the most beautiful mind, and she is also extremely good looking. The best dog ever! We live in Norway.
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I have one, she is extremely dominant esp for a female but she is very protective and loyal. Extremely playful too, she gets upset if u dont pet her for the day. Any strangers she is very aggressive toward them, oh and she is very mischievous as well but extre
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Ours is a belgian shepherd rott mix. Super sweet and intelligent, but over protective, moody, almost all family members were bitten when touched on a bad mood. Very teritorial, every that she lays her eyes on, she thinks that's hers. but the dog is very loving even to cats.
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I am a firm believer in: you can have any dog, it is the way you treat your dog, time you spend with it, socialize and train it, that makes the difference😀
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