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I adopted Molly almost 2 months ago from a kill shelter. Was told they did not know what she...

I adopted Molly almost 2 months ago from a kill shelter. Was told they did not know what she was..after taking to the vet to be spayed and up to date shots, I was told she was a shepherd and pit bull mix. I have her in classes and the trainer said a he thought she was a Belgium Malinois breed.. She is almost a year old, and meets all that I have read about,,very strong and is difficult with bad habits..I don't have a history as she is a rescue. I also have a 10 year old Golder Retriever who has kept her occupied but can look at me at times exhausted. We have a large back yard, fenced and a dog door. A very funny situation as we were not looking to adopt or get another dog.. Molly was on her last days at this kill shelter..but I need help..she sleeps well at night, but she loves to wood floor, my down comforter, my counters and much more...HELP!!!

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My name is Rebecca. I've had my female Belgian Malinois for about 2 months. She is now 7 months old and also loves to chew. Try taking your dog to the pet store and pick out one of the black kong toys, those are for extreme chewers. Also look for all natural bully sticks. My dog absolutely loves them. I get the 12 inch sticks and let her chew to her hearts content. Still tries to chew on various items in the house, so correct the behavior as soon as you notice it. Good luck!
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Freeze socks or hand towels. They will choose that over anything to chew. I currently have a 7 month old male Malinois named Goofy.
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I have two Mals and they are kenneled during the day when I am not at home. While home, they are active outside or in the home. It is safe to leave dogs kenneled while you are away for both you (and your items) and the Malinois.
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