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i have a 6 month old blue basset whose weight is 14 lbs. he gets fed 3 times a day about a 1 1/2...

i have a 6 month old blue basset whose weight is 14 lbs. he gets fed 3 times a day about a 1 1/2 cup each time. vet said to up him slowly to 2cups 3 times a day. he has always been scrawny since a puppy. my question is this... is there ANYTHING we can add to help get weight on him like hamburger or chicken? he is healthy minus the worms,parasites, or anything. he CHEWS on everything and eats everything minus his toys (he wont touch them). he is on puppy food mixed with wet food. and i just cant see paying for science diet (i have compared ingredients n they are for the most part the same). he is very active with my other 2 dogs. but any suggestions for weight gain would be great.. atleast until he is outta the puppy stage!!! thanks in advance!

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i have an 8 year old basset who eats once a day and is under weight as well but becasue of that he has only been to the vet for shots. bassetts have an issue with their hips so the less they weigh the better off they are dont worrry about packing the pounds on it'll only hurt him down the road
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Just feed him dry food it has more protein, also it sounds like he was the runt of the litter.
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Hi, when my puppy came to me he was awfully skinny he was 7 pound at 12 weeks, he is now just over 4 months and 28pounds a nice and healthy weight for him. I feed him a third of wet and 3 hand fulls of dry james welbeloved puppy biscuit. Is his asking for food a lot i know my basset will eat all day if he could. If you are still training him reward him with a high protein treat you can get treats that are 100% chicken and things. Bassets also LOVE CHEESE, so even rewarding him with a small cube of cheese will hopefully put on the weight. People can be scared to over feed bassets because they are notorious for obesity. But in your case do not worry if he is quite active he will remain healthy and when he is back to a healthy weight then you can slowly lower quantities in time. I use Forthglade Puppy Meat, and james wellbeloved puppy dry food. Hope this helps
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a good dry food like sciencs plan ,dont forget his health starts from what you put in him ,not the out side of him ,the cheap brands may not have the quality.untill he is a year old he should not go out for walks he has the other dogs to play with, he will grow while he is sleeping so try and keep him rested
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Baby rice ceral and milk your young Basset needs a higher fat diet and less exercise. Adult dog foods have higher minerals and may have lower fats, feeding him people food could cause unpleasant side effects such and gas and messy clean ups, higher fats content is what will fatten him up.
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Our basset hound was the runt of the litter and we had trouble feeding her at first because she wasn't used to eating much. After we got her home, we started her on Science Diet and it was worth the money because now she is at a healthy weight and is steadily growing. I would discourage feeding wet food because is causes dental problems later and the dog might refuse to eat dry food. I know you don't want to pay for the Science Diet, but it my case it was well worth the money!
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Check your bassetts food for vitamin K if it has that look for something else. Vitamian k is put in the food to cover-up bad stuff that is put in the food.
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