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Im an avid mountain biker and have a couple friends who take there dogs with them on rides....

Im an avid mountain biker and have a couple friends who take there dogs with them on rides. Dogs will never make an excuse to no go like your buddies do and stay right with you. I really like this breed of dog. How would a basenji be in on a mountain bike ride through a forest without a leash?

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I have a 2 year old Basenji who, with consistant training, is beginning to not need a leash when we go out with her. However, because the Basenji is a sight hound, it can really depend from dog to dog. I would recommend buy a shock collar... we have had great luck with ours. We have set ours on the lowest setting, which has only a very small shock and a beep and it is a great way to train a basenji to stay near you or to stay in its boundries. Our's will not leave the yard when she has hers on. This could be a good option to you while you are mountain biking because if the dog has the collar on and you carry the remote around your neck, you can keep the dog close to you. Eventually, after working consistantly with a collar like this, your dog may even get to the point of being able to go without the collar completely.
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My basenji is 6 now and is nearly 100% dependable on the leash. When he was younger, even with a remote collar, there were times he would dart off with nothing to be done; he has even attempted to swim across the Potomac river after a set of ducks. I would never have him off leash in a scenario where bolting off could cause a hazard to his health. Basenjis are severely independent, and off leash our basenji likes to roam away from us sometimes (almost never out of eyesight) and will catch up a few minutes later. Definitely get a remote collar and remember that your basenji will never be 100% trained off leash. Always be on your guard!
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you dont want to let a basenji off their leash - if they see a squirrel they will go for it, they are hunting dogs.
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I use a Walkie Dog set up for biking in the neighborhood. It's quite safe on city streets. Better than trying to hold the leash and peddle the bike. See the Walkie Dog website for more info!
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