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We have a spayed Aussie right now and I show her in 4-H. (Ps. I'm almost 12 years old.) In...

We have a spayed Aussie right now and I show her in 4-H. (Ps. I'm almost 12 years old.) In the future we would like to get a male and a female Aussie to breed. I know there is a LOT to learn about breeding puppies and I have done some research so far but I know there still is a lot more to know. Do you know of any useful information or know any good books, websites, etc. on breeding Australian Shepherds or even just about breeding puppies? Thank You!

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Two good sites include and There really IS a lot to learn, both from a health and genetics stand point, as well as the ethics of dog breeding. Breeding dogs just to make money, without regard to the care or quality of life of the adults or puppies is sure not very desirable. There are thousands of purebred Aussies in shelters and rescue, many of which will never find a home and will be put to sleep. A truly responsible breeder does all the health screening possible, to reduce the risk of genetic health issues. They study and learn pedigrees and what good and bad traits are there. They carefully assess the health and temperament of the dogs they breed and if anything is lacking the dog is spayed or neutered. And most of all, they carefully screen homes for their puppies and will take them back at any time, for any reason, if the buyers can't keep them.
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Get on the A.S.C.A.( Australian Shepherd c Club of America) website. They are the parent club. Study the standard, find a reputable breeder in your area, visit a few breed shows, talk to handlers, do your homework. If you don't have a good mentor getting started can be much harder. Do not get two pups at once. Choose a healthy structurally sound pup, show to championship, work on obed, agility etc. as well, get hips, elbows, and eyes checked, as well as D.N.A. then look for a mate. Good luck
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