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We have an almost three year old Aussie named Abby. She can be protective over her bone....

We have an almost three year old Aussie named Abby. She can be protective over her bone. Occasionally she will get very crazy when she chews on her rawhide bone. Abby will grab her bone and jump up on your lap and stick it in your face and growl all at the same time. But the growl sounds more like a "purr" Also she usally has a "Stay away from me" look on her face. We can't tell if Abby is so happy she's making a purr/growl sound or what? It's very confusing. It's hard to explain but she acts like she's protecting her bone but If thats the case, why would she stick it in your face? Do you think it is something that is in the bone that is making her act like this? What do you think is the cause? Do you think she's being protective over it or what? Thank you for taking the time to help know what she's doing!

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I have a german shepherd dog that does the same thing so I'm guessing that they have different personalities. I don't know but I can tell you that bones are things to be protective over. Will she ever look at you and have a "can you please go away "look on her face? Miko (my gsd)has that look on his face all the time so I would try to get her/him comfy with people. sorry if it did not help!
    Answered by Anonymous - 11/11/2012 12:07:29 AM

My puppy likes to stick her bones in my face and drop them on me all the time when im doing things, then she barks and talks to me until i give it back to her even though she is the one who set it on me, idk aussies are weird. haha but they are entertaining
    Answered by Anonymous - 3/2/2014 9:10:07 PM