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I work on a farm (no cattle, more of a corn/cotton farm) and was looking in getting a high...

I work on a farm (no cattle, more of a corn/cotton farm) and was looking in getting a high energy dog that will be able to keep up with me on long days on the farm. How do Australian Shepherd dogs normally perform on a farm, and will these dogs get "too tired" or run away (1200 acre farm)? I need an intelligent dog that can be trained to be a farm dog, but also a dog that will be great with my family at the end of the day. Any recommendations to accommodate the needs of a new dog for the work place and family?

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Australian Shepherd dogs will definitely not get too tired or run away. I have two and they will only stop working when there is no stimulation around them. Basically, as long as you're up and moving, they are too. I can have both of mine off leash in any environment. This breed will stick to you like glue. They bond with their owner and prefer to follow you rather than explore or run off. My advice would be to start taking them with you even as a puppy to follow you around on your normal work day. They will learn early that when they go to work with you, they are in work mode and when they come home, they can relax with family. I would suggest socializing them at a young age though. My first one was shy because he had only been on a horse farm his first year, so he was very fearful of strangers. They are very easy to train though, they want to please and are loyal to their owners. Hope this helps! After you have an aussie, you won't want any other breed.
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Aussies are one breed that need "NO FENCES" Named a dog TRIPPER years ago because she was underfoot all the time... They love to have a job everyday... I take my dogs on all day trail rides all the time and they never quit. I really can't get off the ranch while wearing boots with spurs without them,they know those boots mean riding!!!! They are the Best...
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Aussies are definitely high energy dogs. Many people have Aussies on farms. In fact I would rather see an Aussie on a farm than in town. If you get an Aussie, you should expect it to not get tired on a farm. If it does get tired, there could be problems. Aussies are certainly like glue and want to get involved in every thing you do. Aussies are EXTREAMLY intelligent and trainable. Most Aussies are very good family dogs. Our Aussie, Abby, cares about the family so much! Its inportant for aussies to have a job such as: agility, fly ball, disk dog, herding, baby sitting the kids, etc.
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Everything below is definitely true. PS. Australian Shepherds LOVE to stuggle!
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an Aussie or Border Collie will be a good fit. I have both. My Aussie is "my" dog, my Border Collie is my husbands. When camping, there were times my usband wanted to take both dogs for a day hike with the dogs while I stayed back at camp...My Aussie loves my husband butit was like pulling teeth trying to get my Aussie to go with him....and when my husband got outside of the general camp Aussie turned tail and ran back to me. happen four times and then my hubby gave up...but if I went on a hike alone or with my hubby, I didn't even ask my Aussie to join me, he was right at my side.
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