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I am 21 yrs old and live in a one bedroom house with partially fenced in yard and am thinking...

I am 21 yrs old and live in a one bedroom house with partially fenced in yard and am thinking about getting an Australian Shepherd. Also I have never owned a dog before, and read they may not be a good first dog. However, I have always wanted one and am fully willing to put in the time to exercise him mentally and physically. I have plenty of time to spend with the pup now, but in 8 months I will be moving, and starting an 8-5 job, so the dog would most likely be alone all day at this time(except lunch). Would it be a good idea for me to get one now, or could the dog become depressed and cause problems in 8 months when I have to leave him alone most the day? I will still be able to exercise him but I didn't know if the sudden change would bother him? Also I was wondering about what the average cost of owning a mini is a month(food, vet, etc.). Thanks for any advice!

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How well an Aussie does when left alone will depend on temperament of the individual dog, how much exercise he gets, and other factors. Many Aussies don't do well left alone all day. Others can adjust. The best thing is to find a very experienced breeder who can be honest about the traits and needs of her dogs, who can help you make this decision. A good site with plenty of info on Aussies is: Also, a "mini" is not an Aussie. It is a mix breed or different breed, but not just a "small, real Aussie." Some of the information you read about real Aussies may or may not be relevent with that type of dog, since they have had other breeds mixed in. How much it costs to take care of any dog depends on the quality of food, how healthy the dog is and other factors. Finding a pup from parents who have had all the health screening dog is very important. By that I mean OFA for hips and elbows, CERF eye exams, MDR1 and HSF4 testing and more.
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Are first time dog was an Aussie and she's been a great first time dog! It certainly was a challange though! So Aussies usually are a great first time dog. If the owners do enough training, etc. with her. Aussies are fairly adaptable dogs so your should't have to much of a problem with the move, especially since she wouldn't be at that house for long. I probably wouldn't recommend keeping her in the house all day long while your at work. You can take him to a doggie day care were they will watch him and let him play with other dog, etc. If you would keep him at home, be sure to walk him or give him a long play before you go and spend lots of time with him in the evening. If you get an Aussie, You probably won't want any other breed of dog!
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