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I just got an Aussie puppy and she is 8 weeks old a few days ago and shes alredy learned a few...

I just got an Aussie puppy and she is 8 weeks old a few days ago and shes alredy learned a few things. I've taught her no maam when she is doing something she isn't supposed to. But when I take her for car rides she cries and barks most of the time. Is this normal?

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Hello! I had the same issue with my Aussie. But ever since she learned that going in the car means a fun adventure, she enjoys it. When you put your puppy in the car, don't drive anywhere yet. Give her some treats, tell her it's okay. I know she's too little to jump in on her own, but when she is big enough, she should be more than happy to jump in on her own. You should check this website out I hope this helped!
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It did. I'll have to try it out. Also, she whines sometimes when I am walking her outside or when she is walking around the house. Is there any particular reason she may whine?
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Barking and whining may be a sign the dog is stressed or over stimulated. Try to figure out why she's doing it, and start to change her mind about the situations. A good command to teach an Aussie pup is "watch me." Start in the house where things are not too exciting, and use food rewards. Hold the treat to your face where she sees it and give the command. This breed usually wants to watch your face anyway but build this into a command she always responds to. In the car, try crating her so she can't see out. Also doing as the other person said, start conditioning her to the car without going anywhere. Aussies can be intense dogs so if you are not sure you can train her right, find a qualified behaviorist NOW, before she develops a lot of bad habits or reactive behavior.
    Answered by paws4hisglory - 7/5/2012 11:09:10 AM

I forgot to say that what I meant by changing your Aussie's mind about it is to help her feel more comfortable in situations that may stress or overstimulate, by building a positive association. If you just correct a dog for exhibiting stress it will only get worse. The same goes for dogs who growl, if you correct that instead of changing how they feel about what makes them growl, they will just bite. Then they get blamed for "biting with no warning" because they repeatedly got corrected for warning that they were not comfortable or were stressed by something.
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My aussie was the same way. I found out that he was happier in the backseat than the front seat. When I got an suv with seats that folded down he liked that the best. We keep his blanket and bed back there and he has lots of room to move around. My suggestion is to try different seats and keep taking her and her things with you so she can figure out it's not so bad.
    Answered by Anonymous - 9/17/2012 3:53:14 PM