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I have heard that Aussies are smart and protective and I hope that it true, are they ? Also, how...

I have heard that Aussies are smart and protective and I hope that it true, are they ? Also, how many Aussies normally have two eye colors ? I am preferinging one that has two eye colors, are there alot out there ?

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Yes, Aussies are very intelligent, most are quite trainable, and some can be protective or even over protective. It is good to really do your homework in choosing a breeder and bloodline, as not all Aussies have genetically stable temperaments. Any eye color is acceptable and fairly common in Aussies, so even ones with different eye colors are not unusual. However, finding a puppy from parents who have had health screening for genetic disorders, as well as having sound temperaments, would be a lot more important than selecting a puppy just for eye or coat color. You can read a lot more about many topics pertaining to Aussies on this site:
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Yes! Aussies are EXTREAMLY smart and trainable, but such a smart dog can make more work involved in training. My Aussie is VERY smart which I love. but when I show her in obedience, she's to smart for her own good which usauly gets us a low score! Aussies are also very protective and need to have lots of socalization so they don't get to protective. It is somewhat common for Aussies to have two different colored eyes or splite or swirled. It is most common in merles. My red merle Aussie has one green-brown eye and one blue with some brown in it!
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Below I forgot to include something. About the obedience thing, we are working through the problems. So your aussie will probably be obedient if you sucsesfully train your aussie. I just ment that aussies are so smart that it may not be such a good thing for all people. Aussies are fast learners! By the way the other responce I did to this question should be right below this responce.
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