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We just adopted a Rottweiler, Australian Shepherd 8 week old puppy. Do you feel this will be a...

We just adopted a Rottweiler, Australian Shepherd 8 week old puppy. Do you feel this will be a good mix and are there any inherent training or behavior issues to look out for? He is very sweet and great with our 5 children so far. Thanks in advance!

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I think it sounds like a great mix if he is socialised well! socializing: Aussies and Rotties are very domitate dogs, and need to be socialised at a young age, Specialy Rotties. A good way to help with that is Puppy kindergarden! Where the puppies can play with other people and puppies! The 4-H dog project is another great way too! when your puppy grows up he will probaly do great with your family! Aussies bond stongly with your family and will want to protect you from any one who comes to your house if not properly socialised! The protecting thing is true with the Rottie too! Both breeds can love people though, if or if not socialized well, it just depends on the dog. Most Aussies do great with children! And Rotties can too! I think your puppy will be a great dog! Hope it all goes well!
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Training: Aussies are EXTREAMLY easy to train! Rotties are pretty easy to train too! It still is very importent to start training eirly though. Its also importent to be stern when training but still make it lots of fun! While he's still a puppy, it would be best to only reward good behaver and do nothing for bad behaver when it comes to Obiedence. For correcting behaver on things like chewing your stuff when there teething, tell them in a stern voice "No!" or "No Teeth!" Aussies tend to want to nip childrens heels and try to herd them. This can be currected with some training though!
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It sounds like a great mix! I think you will have lots of fun with him, if your looking for a super active dog! I bet he will be super smart! Border Collies are on the top of the world's smartest dog breed list, but I don't think they are really the smartest dog breed. The Aussies I'v been around, including my own are WAY smarter then Border Collies! I hope all goes well with your new puppy!
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We have had the same breed for eleven years. Of all the other dogs we've had he has always been the top dog. Best pet I've ever owned. He is so friendly. Kids stick their fingers up his nose, chickens walk across his back, and our Chihuahua think he is her bed! She lays in him everywhere they go. He knows so many tricks. Plays dead better than any dog I've seen. Only thing bad about this kind of dog is when he gets out of the yard you will find him at the pound.
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I had an ausie rott mix for 12 years, he never barked once, friendly with strangers, no good for guarding, but will protect you if attacked, he even once charged a chow that was challenging me, instead of biting and fighting that chow he put out his chest and knocked the other dog over, incredibly smart and will be the best friend you ever had, just be careful with insurance as they cancelled my parents house insurance when they found out he was a rott mix.
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I had one had to have him put down a couple of years ago, got bone cancer. I had him for 11 years and he was the best, friendliest, protective, and most well behaved dog i ever had. He loved the kids and even left my cat alone in the house.
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I have had one for 7 years, from 14 weeks old. Awesome dog, 85lbs of just a good guy. Smart, friendly, devoted to the family, loves most people, but has the sense to know trouble when it's coming. I've used him to make decisions on who gets to work at the house and who doesn't. Loves kids, cats, and is a great puppy babysitter and mentor. Best of both breeds, but he was very socialized as a puppy and trained.
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I also have an Aussie Rottie mix and he is only of the best dogs I've ever had. I got him when he was 8 weeks as well and was super easy to train. He was potty trained within 3 days and crate trained within a week. He is also very protective over my daughter and my self as well. Probably couldn't ask for a better dog
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