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We are looking at an 18 month old female Cattle Dog at our local shelter to adopt. She is so...

We are looking at an 18 month old female Cattle Dog at our local shelter to adopt. She is so sweet and so calm. She doesnt bark at the other dogs and doesnt really pay attention to them. They introduced her to a cat and she licked it on its head gently and walked through the cat room paying no attention to them. We have a miniature schnuazer and 2 cats that all get along very well. We have a fenced in back yard that is not huge but not small either. We fell in love with the dog but are afraid to adopt her after everything we have read about the breed. We are worried she wont have enough room to run and play and wont have a "job" to do and that she will then turn to destructive behavior. We just dont know what to do as we cant stop thinking about her. Any comments would be appreciated.

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Australian Cattle Dogs are wonderful dogs and they really enjoy people and love to play. My Hubby and I are hardly ever home and our dog always has energy to play once we get home. They love attentiion and will do anything to get it. I don't think we will ever get a different breed
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We purchased our male cattle dog from a shelter almost 2 yrs ago when he was 6 months old knowing nothing about the breed. He has been a wonderful dog for our active family. What sold us on him was the way he kept an eye on our 3 kids, especially the toddler, always stopping to check where everyone was. We do not have a huge yard, but it is perfect for playing his favorite sport, soccer. We often take him to the local school that has huge fields where he chases after tennis, soccer & lacrosse balls. Every dog has quirks, but she soulds like a wonderful girl!
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I'm glad to see your question as we are going through the same thing. A female shelter dog that seems so calm and sweet, great with our 2yr old and two other kids, but I'm concerned with the descriptions of them being cautious with strangers as we have many visitors to our home, ie.other small children and friends, is this going to be a problem? Also we have a cat too that the dog has not met. Any one with experience in this cat/dog introduction?
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