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I have an almost 6 month border collie/blue heeler mix that we adopted from the pound when she...

I have an almost 6 month border collie/blue heeler mix that we adopted from the pound when she was (they said) 8 wks. old. She bites a lot and can be very rough, especially with our hands and clothing. I KNOW she needs a lot of exercise, but she is so afraid of noises, that she won't walk with me, or even play out in the yard for long. I take her to obedience class and to the pet stores to be socialized, but I am at a loss how to deal with the biting w/o the benefit of exercise. Or how to encourage her to go for walks.

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Hmmm, what a personality! I suggest watching her by herself without her knowing your watching, maybe you might see why she is so scared of the world. Take her for very long walks and try to use treats and praise when she does walk or play without fear. She will grow out of it, but its important that you guide her through those fears.
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My heeler had some nipping problems as a puppy too. Make sure you always have a rope, or sock or tug toy. At 6 months she is probably teething and needs to chew. Rawhide chews help with that too. Introduce her to different noises gradually.With enough love and attention she will get past this too.
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My blue heeler is a year old now and just starting to quit nipping, but still does when excited. It's important to make it clear to them that this is not acceptable behavior, by giving them a stern 'ow' or 'no', but never yell or hit them. This is what they were bred to do to cows. Give her lots of chew toys. Be patient. By 1 or 2 years she will mellow out alot. They require 2 hours of vigorous exercise every day. Teach her to fetch a ball or Frisbee now. You will thank yourself later. try an off leash dog park and keep reassuring her. Once she learns to trust you and respect you the rest will go away. Mental stimulation is also great for wearing them out. My heeler could shake and roll over by the time he was 3 months old, and fetch by 6 months. These dogs need a job and structured leader. Good luck!
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