Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Question

I just found a dog and can't find her owner. I was trying to figure out what kind of dog she...

I just found a dog and can't find her owner. I was trying to figure out what kind of dog she was. I think she looks like this australian cattle dog/blue heeler. She looks a lot like Sombra on this site. If I sent you a picture, could you tell me for sure? I'm also wondering if she will be ok to run with my pomaranian and cats. On a leash so far she seems very nice with them.

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Well, it's great that you tried to find the owner. I'm very glad that she seems to be behaving for you. Now, about running with your other pets.... Whenever I am fostering a dog, I make sure to ask myself these questions before letting them play with my goldendoodle: If small, do they get along well with large dogs, or large with small? Does she act dominant or submissive? Is she friendly towards humans AND dogs? Does she respect the boundaries of other pets? Do your other pets respect HER boundaries? Hopefully you answered yes to all of these questions. If so, you can let her run with the others. If not, watch her behavior for a while. You'll know when she's ready.
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She does seem submissive. So far she is getting to be best friends with my little dog and she sniffs the cats when they are still. What is still scaring me is when the cat runs, she runs and I stop her in fear. The cats are scared to death. I think they are just getting to know eachother. Chasing them could mean playing but could it mean kill if she likes them when they are still? She wags her tail and wants to get to them if they would give her a chance. I believe she is a shepard/heeler mix. She is full grown and the size of a heeler. And we found out she is having babies!!! I just love her.
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Ok my fear is gone. She is being curious and friendly with the cats. The cats are the ones that are just scared. They are slowly coming around and Roxy my heeler is becoming used to our home and is a good family dog. Everything is ok :)
    Answered by Anonymous - 3/22/2012 8:48:02 AM