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We have two Anatolian (3 years old) that were litter mates... one boy and one girl. We live on...

We have two Anatolian (3 years old) that were litter mates... one boy and one girl. We live on 500 acres and have a 20 acre fenced pasture where they live. We'd love to be able to let them out to play and protect the house, but every time we do so, they leave the property and go upwards of 5-7 miles away. The neighbors are not amused. Is there ANYTHING that can be done train them to stay within the confines of the ranch?

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3 suggestions. 1) use a training collar 2) Get them something to protect at home. 3) An electric fence on the 20 acres.
    Answered by aslanspal - 11/24/2012 1:00:02 PM

We've had our Anatolian for 13 years now on 30 acres. He laughed at the training collar and fortunately, the neighbors put up with him patrolling. He did stay closer to home as he aged,, at about 10 years...however, our solution was to fence him to keep him where we wanted him.
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Anatolians think ANYTHING they can see is their domain ... so only a VERY tall fence which blocks the view will prevent them from straying - sorry : (
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We had the same problem with our Anatolian's, and have finally been able to keep them in. Like you, most of our neighbors were ok with them as, they did not bother livestock or other dogs, and ran the pigs out of our area. But 2 or 3 distant neighbors (3 to 10 miles away) did not appreciate them, especially during hunting season! We have 200+ acres that are capable of keeping ASD in. ASD respect electric, but if it is only 1 strand, they will figure it out, or endure the shock. We have put 4'6" red line 2x4 fence in with 2 strand of barbed wire at the top, with a hot wire 6" off the ground around our entire property and have not had an escapee in 5 months! Ours have livestock to protect, and a job important!
    Answered by Anatolian_Puppies - 5/1/2013 12:00:15 AM