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My Anatolian mixs is too protective of me & has bitten 4 people. He does not break the skin but...

My Anatolian mixs is too protective of me & has bitten 4 people. He does not break the skin but you have been bitten. He is good with all other animals & puts up with kids, but men are NOT welcomed, women either but he focuses on men. I am always fighting skin irratation. Is that typical of this breed? As a puppy he would carry his one hind leg was that sign of hip problems in the future? Will he worsen with his bitting & protectiveness as he gets older? Have a too damaged a dog to change him or is there a chance to train him to do better with people & barking!?

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I would question to what type of breed your boy is mixed with. Anatolians are NOT attack dogs, but they are protective. Our anatolians will stand between me and someone but will push me back first. Growl second and only if someone continues would I expect any other action. Ive had animal sensitive people tell me they are not allergic to our dogs, but that is individual.
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Take him to a dog park or public place and correct him for his bad behavior. It has nothing to do with the breed and everything to do with your training. The dog is recognizing your reaction to men and you are not correcting it.
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I am by no means a "dog whisperer", but I know enough about animals in general, and that goes for dogs as well, to know that you have a real problem on your hands. First of all, I have had several Anatolians - some purebred, and some mixed with German Shepherd. All of them have been the sweetest, funniest, most affectionate and gentle dogs I've ever owned - more so, even, than my Labradors and Golden Retrievers, so that's saying something! I agree with what the previous person said, in that you don't know: A, what your dog is mixed with (could be many things, several times over) and B, what that poor dog went through, or learned, before you adopted him/her. There is also the possibility that it was abused, and/or that it suffered some form of brain damage at some point and is (for lack of a better word) "disturbed". Either way, you really need to address this behavior and correct it before this dog does you, itself or someone else serious harm. Best of luck to you and the pup.
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