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My boyfriend and I recently rescued an anatolian shepherd mix from a home where he was...

My boyfriend and I recently rescued an anatolian shepherd mix from a home where he was neglected. He is almost a year old and we love him so much already but we are having some behavior issues with him and are not sure how to deal with them at his age. we have a huge yard which him and our other dog(black lab shepherd mix) can play all day in but our anatolian seems to chew up everything in site, even his bed. he also digs up the yard constantly, now after reading this website I see that digging is one of their characteristics but is there anyway to teach him to stop? and is the chewing still a process of growing? or can I teach him to stop that as well? Any tips and info I can get on how to help our little buddy learn would be greatly appreciated.

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I have 4 anatolians and find that they do not dig much if they get enough exercise. Exercising in a fenced yard is often not enough. they need a bit of structure such as a 30 minute walk. good time to bond and teach the basic commands. Do not let them walk you. this can be difficult at first but be consistant and it will pay off. Anatolians also dig to get to cool earth. make sure they have enough shade so that this is not necessary. Good luck.
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The digging MAY be an attempt to build his "mound" ... anatolian shepherd's like to have a place to survey their domains. They consider ANYTHING they can see as theirs! For the chewing try redirecting with a nyla bone. We had a rescue who was left in a garage by himself beforevwe took him in - we just lost him at 12+ years but he was a GREAT LOVE to us.
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