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I adopted a puppy at the shelter about 4 months ago. All the paper said when I adopted him was...

I adopted a puppy at the shelter about 4 months ago. All the paper said when I adopted him was shepherd mix and I just recently found out that he is indeed an anatolian shepherd mix but I have no clue what else he is mixed with. He is currently 7 months old and at his last vet visit (about a month ago) he was pushing 35 lbs. Any clue about how large he is going to be? I have been researching and I adore big dogs, but he seems a bit on the smaller side for the pictures I've been looking at and the information I have found pertaining to their size, so I was just curious! Any information I can get would be wonderful!

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My purebred male Anatolian Shepherd as of 8/17/2012 or approximately 6 1/2 months of age was 28" at the withers (shoulder), and weighs approximately 90-lbs. Although I don't know what your dog is mixed with, I do know that my will be over 100-lbs by the time he reaches 7 months. A male Anatolian Shepherd weighing over 100-lbs. at 7 months is not uncommon. For comparison purposes, my American Pitbull Terrier weighed about 45-lbs at 7 months and he's currently full grown now at 80-lbs. My Anatolian's growth at 12 weeks was 20" tall (withers) and 35.6-lbs. By week 15, he was 22" tall (withers) and 47.8-lbs. The figures I stated are for my dogs and yours may hit a sudden growth rate later than my did. I do believe you care about dogs or you wouldn't have adopted one. Even though you prefer big dogs (so do I), your dog will bring you unlimited happiness regardless of how big he ends up being. Goodluck!
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Check out the website (Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America) lots of resources for you.
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