American Pit Bull Terrier Question

what causes a pitt bull to chew his paws till they are raw and bleeding?

he,s a very good dog we have asked his vet. but nothing works

    In American Pit Bull Terrier - Asked by Anonymous - 3/15/2013 2:23:18 PM
How long is your pitbull left home alone? He may be bored. Leave the radio on while you are gone. Provide sturdy chew toys for your dog. You may try puzzle toys to distract him from his paws. If this does not work, he most likely has allergies. Review what he has walked in. What might be an allergen? If you find the source, remove it. Try bitter apple spray on his paws. If this does not work, ask your vet about bitter orange spray. Do not apply any anti itch products until you know it is not poisonous. If the dog licks it off, he may poison himself.. I hope your dog recovers quickly.
    Answered by Anonymous - 9/25/2013 11:26:38 PM