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I have a pitbull that is about 6 weeks old that I found 3 weeks ago, he was wondering on the...

I have a pitbull that is about 6 weeks old that I found 3 weeks ago, he was wondering on the street at night and looked like he was abandoned. I wasnt sure that he was a pitbull because of his lond nose and round ears, but the vet told me that he´s a pitbull. My question is: is it normal for him to bite my hands all the time, he doesnt do it aggressively, hes very playfull and when I try to pet him he just whants to bite my hands but sometimes he bites a bit harder then usual when he gets excited, is this a normal behavior on this type of breed, and can it be corrected or controlled?

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I also have a pitbull type who does this but in a friendly way but its bit scary at times because i think if he wants to play and i dont he will get aggressive but i didnt need to worry he stopped doing it after a while and he never once has shown aggression
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For that age, that is very common for all dogs. Not just Pitt Bulls. Getting him in a Puppy Training class would be a good start. Dogs use their teeth like we use our hands and at 6 weeks old, dogs haven't realized that we aren't in the same category as their litter mates. On top of that, you have to be aware that young puppies will teething for quite a few months. The best course of action is NOT to encourage this behavior in any way, that includes playing "razzle" (rough housing with your puppy). If you puppy, pitt bull or not, lays teeth, you should say "ouch!" very loud and act like it hurt and walk away from him. Take 20 seconds of solidly ignoring him, don't even look at him. After those 20 seconds, try again. If he lays teeth again, rinse and repeat. This will teach him that laying teeth on human skin is never okay. I'm a professional dog trainer. Please know that this is NOT a "pitt bull" trait. This is a DOG trait. All puppies nip.
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