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My boyfriend has a 4yr old blue pit, I have a 2 pound chorkie and 2 pound chihuahua. We have...

My boyfriend has a 4yr old blue pit, I have a 2 pound chorkie and 2 pound chihuahua. We have moved in together. I have kept them seperate due to their difference in size however they often smell each other through the screen door and cry when trying to be near one another. I would love to allow them around eachother but im afraid due to the size issue that there isnt much room for mistakes. I have taken the chorkie outside in my arms and the pitt will get up and try to be near him. he has never been hostile in any way he is the sweetest dog. they are both males. Should i just keep them seperate?

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try it for a while but supervise them for the whole while their together so if something gets out of hand u can intervene and stop it, make sure they know you are the alpha dog cause pits will sometimes try to take over the house and i hope that helps you out a lot
    Answered by Anonymous - 5/3/2012 3:56:42 PM

My 2 pitbulls are great with other dogs, well small ones, and my one still has his balls, best thing to do is have your boyfriend leash his pitbull and you leash ONE of your dogs (more then one at a time can feel over powering no matter the size) outside in a area where no one feels like they are the "king" of the area and then make sure you have a tight hold on both the dogs and let them interact but if one snaps pull them away, disapline them and try again, its the best way to get dogs to get along, I have worked with serveral dogs with agressive issues against other dogs and this works about 80% of the time :) good luck!
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Hi, I have a pitbull mix and he´s about 6 weeks old, we just got a poodle and when they are together the pitbull just wants to play but because of the weight diference the poodle gets stept on, so if you dont whant your dogs to get hurt just supervise them when around the pitbull, pitbulls arent agresive to other dogs of the family, but can play rough sometimes, we left them 2 nights by themselves in the backyard and they didnt get hurt, so its up to you, but there is no real risk.
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