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shaking and she hasn't barked since we got her

Why do they shake so much. And do they always breathe so fast? Seems like she pants a lot too. She hasn't pooped since we had her (2 days). She is drinking fine and already is doing well in potty training but doesn't eat much.

    In American Eskimo Dog - Asked by Anonymous - 11/16/2012 2:09:39 PM
It sounds like your dog may be suffering from seperation anxiety. These dogs tend to shake when they are in uncomfortable situations. It took our Eskie several weeks to become more accepting of our family. Once they become adjusted, it's like they have always been there. In regards to the heavy breathing/panting, she's HOT! She is trying to cool herself off. We found during the summer and early fall it was best to shave our Eskie to help with the shedding and excessive heat.
    Answered by Anonymous - 12/5/2012 6:14:47 AM

sorry didnt see this sooner, they really arent a shaking breed like Chihuahua and not pooping on 2 days really isnt a plus either hope things have settled down for you on this. please feel free to contact me direct if you have more issues with this
    Answered by lauraye - 12/13/2012 7:58:20 PM

PLEASE RESEARCH THE SHAVING OPTION. You need to use 100 SPF on exposed skin as they are prone to blister and skin cancer. They have NO pigment under that fur. Also, my vet says the coat actually keeps them cool counter to what intuition might expect. Mine eats ice cubes, which lowers her core temp. She LOVES them and often prefers them over a cookie. Also, the vet says it helps scrape tartar. Good luck.
    Answered by Anonymous - 12/18/2012 10:08:24 PM

She's nervous!!!!!!!!
    Answered by Anonymous - 2/14/2013 11:36:37 PM