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I want to get an Eskie. I live in an apartment and I am gone from 6:45 AM to 5:00 PM. I would be...

I want to get an Eskie. I live in an apartment and I am gone from 6:45 AM to 5:00 PM. I would be able to get him out for exercise two to three times a day. I would worry about him alone during most of the day. I would worry about my apartment and furniture. I've had boxers before that didn't handle being alone very well and ruined some furniture. Does anyone have any advise and would you think it would be okay to get this breed if it'll be in an apartment? Ty ~ Hayley

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When I first bought Icee the Eskimo she was only 6 weeks, when my husband and were gone thru out the day the pet store told us to keep her in a small area so we cleaned the heck out I the bathroom and gave her food and water with a blanket and she was fine. But u do need to keep a potty patern so take it out in the morning and as soon as u get home and a few times before bed time. If u have a balcony or patio that's good too. I have 2 Eskimos the boy is 6 and the girl is 2 now when I'm at work I leave them in my room with food and water and because they sleep with me in my room they know not to pee in there :)
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I would not recommend getting an Eskie if you are going to be gone that long. They are little balls of energy and they NEED exercise or they can become destructive. You really need to put in the time for them to trust you and become well trained. You may want a more low-key dog.
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A Eskie needs to be socialize and he needs to be exercised, unless you have someone that can help you during the day, don't get one , won't be fair to him or to you. To the person who got a puppy milled dog from a pet store...those dogs need loving also but do not continue to support a horrid industry. Dogs should not be milled they should be bred in strict families that will rule out diseases that could happen and breed for love not money.. The horrid conditions a dog from a pet store come from are just gross, to say the least. Why do I know a pet store dog is milled, NO, absolutely NO reputable breeder would EVER sell to a store.
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If you are going to be gone for almost 10 hours, I do not recommend getting an Eskie. They'll feel lonely and will easily destroy things. You should get a dog that can take care of itself on its own for even a long period of time.
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