American Bulldog Question

My ab is 2 just got him he pulls an runs on leash I need to know what to do?

He went to vet an pulled both me an daughter in an ran all over happy but would not chill what to do we just adopted him so don't know much about his other family he is very loving great with teens but can not walk on leash.

    In American Bulldog - Asked by Anonymous - 3/29/2013 2:14:24 PM
You MUST become dominant early with the American Bulldog breed. The strength of your AB is beyond most breeds. Being firm is a must .
    Answered by Anonymous - 6/8/2013 10:07:39 AM

That might be a sign your American Bulldog wants to play or wants to go for a walk try and play with him and if not play walk him its good for the puppy to walk around get to know the place he lives in / around :)
    Answered by Anonymous - 6/13/2013 11:23:41 AM