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I have a female american bulldog who just turned 1 September of 2012. She is starting to show...

I have a female american bulldog who just turned 1 September of 2012. She is starting to show symptoms that she is going to be in heat very soon but she is expressing some other symptoms that I am a little concerned about. Her skin is irritated and blotchy and I know to some degree this happenes often (esp in the white bulldogs) but her food hasnt changed nor has she come in contact with anything that I can think of, she also doesnt seem as interested in her food and today she threw up. These symptoms have been for about 2 days and I'm not sure if they are because she is about to go into heat or if she has something else going on at the same time? Thank you in advance any insight is gretaly appreciated.

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She may be having an allergic reaction to something she is around. My bully has allergies and has to take benadryl for them. He had red blotches on his skin also and I had to take him to the vet and they gave him steroids to fight the allergy from the inside maybe that would help.
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Unfortunately, American Bulldogs have genetic problems that can occur. At around the age of 3 our American Bulldog developed severe skin allergies and had to get cortisone and allergy medications for the rest of his life. He died at 8 1/2 years young with severe hip and shoulder dysplacia (which is also common with this breed). Try not to over exercise your dog as this will effect the dysplacia issue and it is devastatingly heartbreaking to watch your mighty dog one day - no longer be able to stand. It is horrible but I wouldn't have traded a day without him, as he was the best dog I have ever had and I have had dogs all of my life. Good luck to you. My advice is to research, try different foods and take your dog in for allergy testing to be sure. It's expensive but it's more important to know what they are allergic to or if its heredity. It's a rough road but these dogs are worth it. Best wishes.
    Answered by Anonymous - 11/23/2012 5:50:10 PM