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My 11 week old American Bulldog bites alot. I have learned to redirect him most of the time by...

My 11 week old American Bulldog bites alot. I have learned to redirect him most of the time by giving him the 'sit' command and then rewarding him for good behavior. But sometimes he lunges at our pants/shoes and it's hard to get him out of that mode. Any suggestions to work with him? Thks!

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If your American Bulldog is biting playful or not its still a bad habit for your dog to have. Be firm and EVERY time your dog bites you make a sound, snap, poke, something to let him know its not right. Then tell him in a firm tone NO. If you do not discipline your dog he will not listen to you and it will become a bad habit. You can use this method for training your dog just about anything. Be firm, be consistent and most of all be patient. And more importantly PRAISE your dog when he does something right. It does no good if you acknowledge the wrong and not the right.
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Just be firm with your American Bulldog when your telling him to do something don't really treat him as such because he wil expect that all the time and he wouldn't learn he would just carry on not listing to you . You only treat when he starts to listen to you properly. Just be firm let him know who boss
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Puppy's like to chew and bite. It is your job to tell them whats acceptable and not. When your puppy goes for your shoe or pants, give him a firm NO.. then give him something he is allowed to chew on. This teaches him what he IS allowed to chew on and what he is not. I find cardboard like toilet paper or paper towel roles, or cardboard drink trays work very well as it also satisfies the urge to destroy something.
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Keep Binaca in your hand and give a direct squirt to the mouth. Say NO Bite! be consistant
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