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Do American Bulldogs have allergies? I have a 5 month old bulldog that may be sick. She doesnt...

Do American Bulldogs have allergies? I have a 5 month old bulldog that may be sick. She doesnt really want to drink much water or eat. She;s not very playful and has droopy eyes. Not sure if maybe its just allergies or a cold. Anybody else experience these symptoms with their dog?

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Yes. American Bulldogs are VERY prone to food allergies... especially lamb and corn, sometimes wheat -... they are hard to digest. Check what you are feeding and switch to something that is without bi-products and grain fillers. A cheap but decent food is diamond naturals chicken and rice, but some cant even tolerate this... it is BEST to switch to grain free food. This will likely help with the droopy eyes and lack of energy. It will also ensure a healthy coat that doesnt itch and good nutrition in general is important because of their large size. If she is not drinkin water however... you need to watch that. It is hard to come back from dehydration so if the change in food doesnt help and she is really not drinking much take her in for testing.
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For any dog, not just ABD's, you should try adding a little water to their hard food if they aren't drinking enough on their own. Don't do this all the time, because the hard food also cleans their teeth and keeps them strong. But it is a good way to make sure they stay hydrated. You could also run water over the dog sort of like you would with a bath. Whatever hits its nose/lips it will be sure to drink.
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If your dog, at any time is not interested in food and water and is lethargic for more than a day, it is time to be concerned. She could be sick, have worms, have something caught in their digestive track (like rope toys), or something way more serious. Going to a vet is a good idea, but may not find the right problem. Bring a stool sample if possible and a good list of what her symptoms are.
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