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does this alapaha blue blood have the instincts of a fighting dog??---How much does a puppy...

does this alapaha blue blood have the instincts of a fighting dog??---How much does a puppy sell for & are there any known breeders in Southern Texas in the Houston Texas area?? are they easily trained & are they obedient??

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Alapaha blue blood bulldogs are Gentle Giants. They have a protective instinct, not a fighting instinct. They will bond with their family and protect until death if needed. However, they are not aggressive by nature. Great dogs! I will never own another breed. There are currently two types of Alapahas. Those recognized by the ARF and those recognized by the ABBA. Even though the ARF is the "original" registry, if you research the ABBA geneology, they all go back to Lana Lane's original stock. Just be sure not to buy one that has had pit-bull breed into its bloodlines. I believe the ARF operates out of Texas, there should be some Texas breeders. However, if I were to recommend a Breeder, it would be Big Sky Kennels (ABBA). They're in Montana. Expect to spend $1500-$5000 depending on the Kennel and the pick of litter.
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If an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is socialized properly they will not be aggressive with other dogs or any other kind of animals. Mine are around little dogs, cats, birds, chickens, goats and horses and know better then to touch any of them. But they do have a high prey drive so need to be socialized and taught what is and is not allowed. If they ever show any kind of dominance towards another dog they need to be corrected quickly to make sure they know it is wrong. To fix a misconception, ABBA is the founding parent registry of the breed and Lana lane was its secretary. She did not go to ARF till later. And they are the only registry that does not allow cross breeding with other breeds and merit register them as Alapahas, demands DNA and checks pics of the dog to see they are not of poor quality. Research before buying.
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