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My Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, is very excitable and doesn't leave any visitors alone. Most of...

My Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, is very excitable and doesn't leave any visitors alone. Most of my friends are terrified of him because he gets so excited to the extent were he is mouthing them, quite hard. He made my niece (Who is 17yrs) Cry as he practicably mauled her hand. What can I do to break him of this habit!

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Well I have had my Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog for 5 months now and I broke her from that by telling her no or spanking her butt. Her name is shadow she is great around kids and my puppy that is pit and bulldog. But Ive noticed in her and her sister (my Sisters dog) Dont like strangers or new people when you come into my house she wont let you leave the door until I hug or shake your hand but still she is very very protective and watches every move. She is one year old and we still have to do more trying with her over chewing
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As long as you be firm, not too mean, but strong enough to handle him you'll be good. Keep working on doing daily routines of training with him. I do that with my Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, now she is EVEN more gentle than ever, especially with little children.
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Since dogs are closely related to wolves, most of them are still programmed to a pack structure. Domesticated dogs think of humans to be in their "Pack" as well. You need to be firm with your Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog in order to achieve the "pack leader" status. Training your dog would greatly benefit. give him a treat or any other positive reinforcement (playing with toy) if (and only if) he does something correct (Ex. Leave visitors alone), and RIGHT after he does it. Here is a link to a youtube video showing a good way to train this behavior out. (Youtube "How to teach your dog to great houseguests for dummies")
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