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Having a hard time getting our Alaskan Klee Kai to eat dry food, wet food, mixed - he does milo...

Having a hard time getting our Alaskan Klee Kai to eat dry food, wet food, mixed - he does milo beef jerky and of course people food - any one recommend a dog food that he will eat? Please dont suggest starving him, we've gone a day & a half, still would not eat .Thank You

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my german shepherd had the same problem. What we did was to buy a whole chicken and cook it. then took the bones out. You may have heard that chicken bones splinter and should not be eaten, it is true to a point, but only if the chicken has only been cooked. Take the boned and boil them in vinegar until they crumble when you pinch them (we put it in our crock pot for 18-20 hours), then blend the bones in a blender. once that is done the bones will be safe to eat, and are very nutritious. we had to wean our dog onto the use of dry food though,
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cont. first we gave her just rice and chicken (from the chicken the bones were from chopped small) with the bone gravy mixed all together then we gradually added dry food (and less rice and chicken) to get her used to eating it, and eventually we got to the point where it's entirely dry dog food with enough bone gravy to make it taste good. you'll have to decide what is best for your dog though. also once she wasn't eating the rice and chicken any more we just cooked the extra chicken for ourselves.
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my puppy did not want to eat her dry food so I I made soup with lean beef or turkey, carrots potato anything but no onions and I mix some of the soup with dry food. she loves it.I cook for my kids so we always have soup but homemade of course. Do not give her onions, grapes and chocolate.
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