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We have a 10 month old Malamute, he has always been unsure of everything. He has been through...

We have a 10 month old Malamute, he has always been unsure of everything. He has been through training and doggy day camp. He started getting people aggressive at 4 months old. We have been constantly working with a trainer.In July Jacks aggression got worse. Our trainer will no longer work with him because he tried to attack her. He was also kicked out of day camp because he is becoming a huge liability. I have contacted our vet, a canine behaviorist, other trainers, and malamute breeders. They have all said he needs to be put down. They believe it is something mentally wrong with him. He has bit me twice since july. We have 4 little children, I fear for them being next. I am at a loss, I feel like there should be something else I can do but everyone believes it is something that can't be fixed. They say that with him being unsure as a puppy and not growing out of it, he won't and the aggression will only get worse. I feel like I failed my dog, it is so hard to think this is the end.

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I agree it is really disturbing to see such a young puppy be aggressive toward people. Given the fact that malamutes should not be that way, and that they are big dogs, it IS a huge liability. Unless you can find a truly experienced, knowledgable behaviorist who can work with you one on one, and you can guarantee you can keep your dog safe from people and vice versa, you really may need to put him down. Do you keep in touch with his breeder? Is this a typical trait in the bloodline? You definitely need to tell the breeder either way. A good one will be able to help you, and may not work with that line any more. A bad one won't care but they need to know anyway. Though it's rare, some dogs have a form of epilepsy that mimics aggression. Also, over vaccination can make aggression worse.
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I have a malamute who is now 1yr and 4months. I had the same problem with her. She was very aggressive as a puppy and when I contacted the breeder she just said all her animals have always been friendly. I contacted a trainer near my house and he has been a great help. He suggested I gave her St. John's Wart twice a day and he also assisted with training. I still use the St. john's and it has really helped. She is no longer aggressive but she still is unsure/scared of some things. Not sure where u live but the trainer I used was Pat Currey with Currey's Family Pet Care in Romulus, Mi.
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