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Im planning on getting a malamute for christmas. The only thing is im still in school so i...

Im planning on getting a malamute for christmas. The only thing is im still in school so i usually am gone for 6-8 hours mon-fri. Would it still be ok to get a mal ? I really want this one so bad because I like dogs that resemble wolves. Also does the male differ from the female in personality ?

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It would be a good idea to visit a good breeder of malamutes and get some first hand experience with the breed. The breeder can give you more input about the suitability of this breed for your lifestyle. Getting one just because you want one doesn't take into account your ability to meet the dog's needs. Leaving an active, working breed of dog alone that many hours each day is not going to be ideal, and you need to honestly decide if you will be able to meet the dog's need for exercise, mental stimulation and training. Any dog bred to work is going to need things to do, and if those needs are not met the dog may become very destructive.
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To be honest I wouldnt recommend a Mal in this instance, they are a beautiful breed yes, but they should not be bought as a trophy dog. They are highly playful (and with that I mean destructive!) If left alone they will find ways to amuse themselves and if this involves destroying anything and everything thats exactly what they'll do - sure, they'll own up to it but it wont stop it happening again... and AGAIN! They have their own minds, they are stubborn and not ideal for first time dog owners!! Visit real websites, get onto malamute forums and see what real people say. Do NOT rush into a mal or husky without thinking right into it! I have two females so I honestly do know what Im saying!
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You might want to look for a Malamute dog club in your area and try to get to know some of the people and their dogs and see if they are really what you would be happy with. Getting a dog because it reminds you of a wolf is not a great reason. I did the same thing. the first time I walked nto a kennel and saw them really up close and personal it was love at first site. I made pretty much every mistake you can make but in the end and after 30 years with them, up to a dozen at a time, and many new activities that I never even knew of I have to say that I can not even imagine a greater breed of dogs to have in my life. As for male/female differences, sure there are differences but nothing all that drastic. In the end they are all different as all people are different. Personally I think males tend to be a bit more independent while females tend to be sweeter. Either is going to be in large part the product of how they are raised.
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