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My malamute is a strong well built bitch and with me and my partner she is fun to be around,...

My malamute is a strong well built bitch and with me and my partner she is fun to be around, good fun and a bit crafty. Recently she is out of character, she has shown aggression to two diff people, with the child she lurched at him but made no noise or growl, didn't hurt him cos my partner got to her first, then she got out of her yard, normally this doesn't happen but when it does she normally comes back but this day she took herself to the park, met her boyfriend malamute( we will breed them next year) she played great with him off the lead until she tried to convince him to leave the park. Got her to come back and when all dogs were going back on the lead, 2 huskies, 2 malamutes and a completely different breed she actually turned the other way and ran, an hour later we caught her in the park. Then last night a friend whom she has met before pets her and she snarled, he maintains it was just a warning and today knowing I'm still not speaking to her she has gone on a hunger strike

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I think you need to find a person who has a lot of experience with canine behavior, to help you understand your dog and give you methods to train her. A malamute that shows aggression to people is VERY bad, and it is not a good idea to breed her. It is against the breed standard for temperament and it may be passed on to her puppies. From what you describe you may have a serious problem on your hands, if she can escape and she is aggressive toward people. What if she gets out and hurts someone? You definitely need a good trainer/behaviorist sooner rather than later.
    Answered by paws4hisglory - 6/12/2012 11:54:36 PM