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My boyfriend has a 18 month old Malamute Female. She is very shy and suffers from loneliness...

My boyfriend has a 18 month old Malamute Female. She is very shy and suffers from loneliness during her heats. He is set on breeding her but I am not convinced as she is very slight (was the runt of the litter), very shy and her certificates do not mention all the tests you have mentioned in your text. Does breeding a shy female usually bring them out of themselves? or could it make her worse? She is a really nice dog and we would be heart broken to breed her and her not be able to cope with having pups and then the pups being given away......we dont have a big enough house to keep them all! Any advise please.....Thanks!!

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As a person with almost 30 years experience with canine behavior, as well as understanding the genetics of temperament, I would STRONGLY urge you to not breed this dog. Shyness is DEFINITELY hereditary and the odds of her producing a lot of shy puppies is high. Also, if she's not built correctly she will pass that on too. There are enough dogs with temperament problems that can't find permanent homes, without adding more to the numbers. Only the very best quality dogs should be bred so they will produce the best puppies, both in health and in temperament. Also, some malamutes with temperament problems actually harm their puppies. If she is not robust, she could also die from the pregnancy, or need an expensive C-section. There are other things that can go wrong too. Having puppies may make a shy dog aggressive as she feels the need to protect them. There are just more things that could go wrong than right with this situation.
    Answered by paws4hisglory - 1/16/2012 6:58:46 PM