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My husband and I are thinking about getting an Akita puppy. I'm just concerned because what I've...

My husband and I are thinking about getting an Akita puppy. I'm just concerned because what I've read. We have a 6 year old Siberian husky---a 5 year old chihuahua terrier mix and a 16 month old child. Would this be a decent dog to get? Plus would a female or male be preceded for our situation?

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I have had 2 Akita's in the past 14 years. If you raise them correctly and don't let them outsmart you they are great dogs. I will warn you that they do work best sticking with their own breed, and do not do well living with same-gender dogs. They are wonderful with children. I recently got a lab/pitbull mix puppy from my local shelter and my Akita was so careful not to hurt him, that he let the puppy put two holes in his face while playing. My godmother, a breeder of 30 years told me that Akitas should not be mixed with other breeds or opposite gender. THEY ARE AMAZING DOGS THOUGH!!
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I have a 5 year old female Akita. She has been around plenty of dogs in daycare as well as family dogs Greyhound, Black Lab and mutts. She gets along with all and very loving. She also is great with my nephews all under 1o years old. Akita's get a bad rep sometimes, but she is amazing and I would highly recommend you getting one. Socialize them from the start and there should be no issues.
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If you have no experience with Akitas, Imake sure that the dog is heavily socialized. This is critical to teach it to act accordingly within your pack. You have to be a firm owner, not a pushover, or an Akita will just take over. This is not the kind of dog you want showing dominant behaviors. This is an intelligent breed that doesn't respond to heavy handed training tactics, so experienced training is important. They're also playful, loveable dogs, but you have to exercise caution with a baby in the house. Such a large, powerful dog could easily injure a little one. Just be aware that later in life, your Akita may not accept your child's friends, and may view them as threats rather than friends. This is a very protective breed.
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