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Do akitas have to be inside?

Do akitas have to be inside?

    In Akita - Asked by Anonymous - 5/8/2012 5:14:26 PM
Akitas are not traditionally "inside dogs" in the sense that they don't like to be cooped up. They will become destructive if they're bored no matter how much training you give your dog, but every dog is different. Although if you live in a warm climate area, an akita should be kept in a cool/shaded area with lots of water.
    Answered by Anonymous - 6/1/2012 8:39:24 PM

That Last response was utterly wrong! Akitas are not outside Dogs! They crave being around there people "pack". So should always sleep inside with His/her owners. But ya they like to be outside in a big yard for some alone time cause they can be aloof. Do research on the breed, buy a book, ask a breeder ect. Don't take people's word on here you have to find that kind of info somewhere else. This coming from an experienced owner.
    Answered by Anonymous - 6/6/2012 1:58:20 AM

Yes, I agree with the second post. Akita's are indoor dogs but need to have outside activity. Most people get an akita because they are cute but don't know what they are getting into. Akitas need lots of attention and indoor/outdoor activities to keep them occupied. They are very intelligent and bore easily. Keep them occupied and they won't become destructive.
    Answered by Anonymous - 6/28/2012 9:59:54 PM

As an experienced owner...I had two Akita's that hardly ever wanted to be inside. Now I have one that likes it outside AND inside.
    Answered by Anonymous - 8/29/2012 7:34:12 PM