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Hi! I'm considering adopting an afghan hound/golden retriever that is 2 years old. But, I'm...

Hi! I'm considering adopting an afghan hound/golden retriever that is 2 years old. But, I'm really nervous about adopting him for several reasons. One is that he's located in NJ and I live in NY. Will the car ride be too much for him. I'm also nervous because he was recently surrendered by his old family because one of the kids was allergic to him. Will he fit in with me if I'm not like his old family? I heard that they are fantastic with children. Is this true? Do they have lovable and gentle personalities? It says that he wasn't well socialized and gets nervous easily. Is it possible to socialize him even though he is 2 now? Will he be ok on walks? Are they good with other dogs and are they smart? If I'm able to offer him stability and a loving home will he be ok? Will he make a wonderful addition to my family? Thanks!

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I grew up with an Afghan Hound. He was the best dog!! So very gentle and intuned to my feelings!! I would love to have one again if I had a bigger house!! Love them!!
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THEY ARE HIGH ENERGY! They grow the best bonds with children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO loving and loyal to their family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be hard to socialize him now... They are not good with other pets...and their so smart their hard to train! P.S. Im talking about the afghan hound! Bye! Hope this was helpful!
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Be VERY careful with dogs offerred for adoption that they really are the mix that they are supposed to be. If you are looking at look at each dog as he or she IS and not what the shelter says they MIGHT be. Do not avoid this dog because they say he MIGHT have Afghan Hound in him - he probably does not! We cannot tell you what HE will be like, you must go and see him and meet him for yourself - and this goes for any dog you are adopting from a shelter. It is unlikely that they know anything about his background so you will have to judge for yourself. You cannot judge by the fact that any BREED is wonderful with children - you have to meet the dog and learn what you can about his history.
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