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What were afghan hounds bred for?

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The Afghan Hound is a very ancient bred dating back to Egypt and Afghanistan. The Egyptians used Afghans as guard dogs, walking duty at night to keep an eye out for raiding tribes from the desert to come in to steal. The Afghans were also taught to steal from neighboring camps. In Afghanistan, the Afghan excelled as the hunter. Afghans are sighthounds, they hunt with their keen sight rather than by scent. Their exceptional vision means they can spot prey far off. Once sighted, their incredible running speed comes into play, which has been estimated to reach 25 miles an hour at full speed. Their unbelievable speed and power enables them to hunt gazelles, snow leopards, wolves, hyenas, jackrabbits and other animals of similar size. Their powerful, twisting jaws, and their pivotal hip joints that allows them to turn into themselves enabling it to double back on its prey makes a kill almost certain.
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