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Before purchasing a Wolf Hybrid it is extremely important to check State and Local laws. The Wolf Hybrid is typically referred to as "WolfDog". They are a cross of an Arctic Wolf with a large dog breed.
The Wolf Hybrid is generally well-proportioned and very large. They possess long limbs, are agile, and muscular. The face has the appearance of a Wolf with a long, tapering muzzle.

Does your Wolf Hybrid bark, howl, and cry whenever you leave the house? Separation anxiety is extreme anxiety experienced by your dog when you are away from him.
The Wolf Hybrid is not recommended for inexperienced or timid owners. They are loyal, devoted, and family oriented. As a "pack" animal they do well with large sized dogs they have been raised with. They are not recommended for homes with small dogs, cats or other household pets. Wolf Hybrid's are suspicious of strangers and will protect their family, property, and territory. The Wolf Hybrid is not recommended for homes with children.
Regular brushing is recommended of the Wolf Hybrid. Dry-shampooing will suffice. They may be prone to hip dysplasia.

If your dog is displaying behavior uncharacteristic of his normal actions, call the Vet.
The coat of the Wolf Hybrid is dependent upon the breed of dog breed used. However, the Wolf has a double coat that is extremely dense.
Early, intense, and ongoing socialization and obedience is crucial. The Wolf Hybrid will not respond to harsh or heavy-handed methods. Training must be done with respect, firmness, fairness, and consistency. Teaching your dog to sit, lie down, and stay is vital to the training of your new puppy. There are several accepted methods of house training your new Wolf Hybrid puppy. Consider crate training if you need to adapt your dog to a safe and confined environment for various safety and comfort reasons.
The Wolf Hybrid possesses high endurance and great energy. They are not recommended for apartment or city living. Wolf Hybrid's do best in a securely fenced rural setting with ample room to roam and run. Socialization is one of the single most important things you can do for your puppy.
100 lbs
26 inches
Varying shades of black, white and gray.
Grooming Needs:
Exercise Needs:
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Anonymous asked:
I have a really protective male German Shepherd, older than my 5 year old daughter. He loves her and has never done anything to make her fearful of him. You think having her around a Wolf Hybrid, with the way she is and knowledge of dogs, would be a problem?

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If the German Shepherd is around, I would not put your daughter around any other dogs at all. However, if the Shepherd is not around, even with your daughter's experience; all interactions between the Wolf Hybrid and your child should be supervised. She is too small to be around any dog on her own, no matter her experience.

Anonymous asked:
Could I get a baby Wolf Hybrid and raise it with my little one so they grow together? Would the dog be okay with that?

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Getting any domestic dog as a puppy and having the dog grow up with children is a great way for the dog to be socialized to kids. However, since the Wolf Hybrid is exactly as its name entails, part wolf -- the animal is considered unpredictable when it comes to children. The pup/dog should never be allowed to be alone with a child, meaning all interactions should be supervised. Getting the dog as a pup will help, but remember there should always be an adult watching, at all times no matter the age of the dog and child.

Anonymous asked:
I am from Queensland, Australia would a Wolf Hybrid be a good dog here given our climate?

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That is an extremely hot climate, and unless you have it set up for the dog to be able to be inside with the A.C during hot days; and have shade and water for the dog when outdoors -- I would suggest a different type/breed of dog. The Wolf Hybrid is normally mixed with long-haired breeds of dogs and it could put a lot of strain on the dog being in such a hot climate.

Anonymous asked:
I am looking for an AKC breeder of half German Shepherd half Wolf Hybrid, ideally an arctic Timber Wolf cross.

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You will most likely not get what you are asking for. Mixes can not be AKC registered and most people who are breeding Wolf Hybrids do not have their actual dog registered. You should look in the puppies for sale section, that is your best bet.

Anonymous asked:
I'm from India. Will the climate here be ok for a Wolf Hybrid?



No, I would not suggest a Wolf Hybrid for your area. Even with adequate shade and water, the dog could easily over-heat. You also need to look at laws in your area, as many places around the world do not allow Wolf Hybrids in residential areas and/or you need a permit to own one.


You can't own a pure Wolf dog, as it is illegal in India.

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