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The Vizsla is classified as a rare breed. They originated in Hungary in the 8th century as a hunting dog, although owning this breed was a symbol of aristocracy. They were nearly extinct after WWII. The Vizsla was revived by the Hungarians who smuggled their beloved breed out of the country for fear of them being desecrated.
The Vizsla is a versatile gun dog that is able to work in the forest, field, and water. They excel in retrieving, and are capable of covering difficult terrain in extreme weather conditions. The Vizsla has an easygoing nature and is an excellent companion.

Does your Vizsla bark, howl, and cry whenever you leave the house? Separation anxiety is extreme anxiety experienced by your dog when you are away from him.
The Vizsla is friendly, lively, and affectionate with their family and those they know. They are alert and watchful. They will bark when they sense danger or visitors. They are very reserved with strangers. The Vizsla is very demonstrative, but has a tendency to be willful and distracted. They get along well with older children and in most cases other dogs. They will tolerate cats they are raised with. The Vizsla loves to chew on anything and everything and is not a calm and placid breed. They will become destructive if they are allowed to be bored.
The Vizsla's coat requires very minimal care. They need to be brushed occasionally with a firm bristle brush and dry shampooed when necessary. Bathing should only be done with a mild soap so as not to strip the coat the protective oils. It is important to keep their nails trimmed. The Vizsla is generally healthy, but has a tendency toward hemophilia and hip dysplasia. They do not tolerate cold climates.

If your dog is displaying behavior uncharacteristic of his normal actions, call the Vet.
The Vizsla breed comes in two coat varieties: the Smooth and Wire. The Smooth is short, dense, close to the body, and shiny. There is no undercoat. The Wire is hard, harsh, and loose fitting. There is no gloss or shine. There is a winter under-coat and the hair is brush-like on the back of the forelegs, head, muzzle, and ears. The Vizsla coat colors range from golden to russet. They are average shedders.
The Vizsla needs both socialization and obedience training at an early age. Owners of this breed must make their authority clear right from the start. They are eager to please and quick to learn. The Vizsla displays their talents in the areas of tracking, pointing, retrieving, and competitive obedience. Harsh methods of training will ruin this breed. They need firm, fair, and consistent training. Teaching your dog to sit, lie down, and stay is vital to the training of your new puppy. There are several accepted methods of house training your new Vizsla puppy. Consider crate training if you need to adapt your dog to a safe and confined environment for various safety and comfort reasons.
The Vizsla is an extremely active breed that requires strenuous activity daily. They thrive in a large fenced area or a leashed jog with their owner. They also require mental stimulation, such as play sessions with their family to ensure their happiness. They are not recommended for apartment dwelling due to their enormous stamina. Socialization is one of the single most important things you can do for your puppy.
45-65 lbs
Male: 22-24; Female: 21-23 inches
Solid golden rust
Grooming Needs:
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We have 4 adorable Vizsla puppies for sale. 3 lovable females and 1 sweet male. All have had their tails docked and dew claws removed. Our pictures are worth a thousand smiles.

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Anonymous asked:
Are Vizslas good with cats and rabbits?🐰🐶🐱And do Vizslas dig?🐈 Are Vizslas good with horses?🏇🐎🐴!

1 Comment


The Vizsla is a hunting breed of dog, they have a very high prey drive. However, they can be socialized with cats and horses as puppies and can do fine around them. But there should always be supervision when the animals are in the same area together at first. As for digging, the Vizsla has a TON of energy and if they are not exercised then they will do something else to entertain and exercise themselves; and digging is one of those activities that the Vizsla could choose. But if you exercise a Vizsla well every day, give him/her something to do while you are away and discourage any digging as a puppy, then the dog shouldn't dig.

kailynmaier asked:
Should I get a Vizsla? I am a current Dental Hygiene student and will be graduating in the spring of 2016. I am considering getting a Vizsla pup next summer. I am attracted to the breed because of their known energy and affection. I last had a GSP, and loved him, but he was a bit stubborn and didn't like sticking around when going outdoors. I've read that Vizslas stay closer to you more-so when taking them out. For the first year of its life, I will be enrolled in school, but figure I have more breaks to Run / train her than I would with a full-time job. I live in a small home with a yard, located next to public lands where I could run her. My main purpose of getting one of these is having a loyal outdoor partner for long hikes and running, that is loving and able to train for duck hunting.
Thoughts? Suggestions on exercising / training?



As long as you have the funds to be able to support/take care of a pup and have enough time to take care of the pup, then go for it. The Vizsla breed is a great companion animal and really attach to one owner compared to a whole family. However, using a long-lead in the beginning of your pups life with you while you are out will help teach him/her to stay closer to you. As well as spaying/neutering your pup anywhere between 6 -8 months will keep him/her from wanting to wander.


As for exercise, the Vizsla breed needs about two hours of exercise a day for an adult dog. An hour in the morning and an hour at night. However, pups will only need 45 minutes of exercise a day and it can increase as the pup grows older. The Vizsla breed is very sensitive to its owner's voice and body language, so contacting a Positive Reinforcement trainer in your area is the best thing to do. Going through puppy-socializing classes and positive reinforcement training classes will give you the tools to train your puppy.


Sounds to me like a Vizsla would fit you perfect. I've had my Ruby for three years. They seldom make a sound unless there is a good reason for it. They shed little. A Vizsla can be taught to hunt anything because they are very intelligent for a dog. They require a firm hand and plenty of exercise and attention.


I have owned Vizslas for 20 years. Keep them active and they will be the best dog. Mine are trained to hunt iguanas in the Florida Keys. Love the breed, if active.

Anonymous asked:
Is my baby a Vizsla? I have been told by a vet that our rescued baby boy is a Vizsla. However, I have also been told Whippet? We are curious, is there anyway to know for sure?

1 Comment


The only way to know if your dog is a pure-bred or what breeds make up your dog is to have your dog DNA tested. You can buy them online or at your vet for an average cost of $45.00 - $85.00.

Anonymous asked:
My dog is 6 months old, he was the runt of the litter. No matter what dog food I give him, he has diarreah. What can I give my Vizsla to calm this down?



It sounds like your Vizsla has an allergy. A grain-free, high-quality puppy food is the best thing to feed your dog. Some brands to look at are Acana, Origjn, Taste of the Wild, Life Mates, Now and Go!


Try Nutro Natural Choice puppy.


I use ultimate Diamond puppy and that is what the breeder told me to do and she is 3 months old and no diarrhea at all.

Anonymous asked:
What breeds make up a Vizsla?



They are thought to have descended from several types of pointers along with the Transylvanian Hound and the Turkish yellow dog (now extinct). "Vizsla" means "pointer" in Hungarian.


That's backwards, the Vizsla is an ancient breed, from which some of the newer breeds were derived.


I think the 2 dogs that breed a Vizsla are a Whippet and a Pointer dog.

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