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Male: 23-24; Female: 18-22 lbs
10.5 inches
Any solid color including sable
The Sealyham Terrier originated in Wales in the middle of the 19th century. They were bred to be a sporting dog of courage and flexibility to exterminate vermin. This breed is relatively uncommon and quite rare in the United States. Sealyham Terriers have a devoted following and is one of the calmest of the terriers.
The Sealyham Terrier is a hardy and muscular breed. They are proud, compact, and charming. They are lively, bold, vigorous, and exhibit a robust nature. The Sealyham is a jaunty and jovial companion that has a deep depth of devotion to their owner and family.
The Sealyham Terrier is highly intelligent and affectionate. They are extremely loyal, independent, and spirited. They are not rambunctious as is usually a trait of the terrier breed. They do best with older considerate children. They are somewhat reserved with strangers. They typically get along well with other dogs they know, but are aggressive to dogs they don't know. The Sealyham Terrier is very vocal and makes a good watchdog. They thrive on being an integral part of the family.
The Sealyham Terrier requires professional trimming and stripping of the coat. They need to be brushed twice weekly to prevent mats from forming. Bathing should only be done when necessary using a mild shampoo. Dry shampoo as needed. This breed does best in cooler climates. Sealyham Terriers have very few health problems. They are allergic to fleas, are prone to deafness, and may have skin sensitivities.
The Sealyham Terrier has a harsh, coarse, and straight double coat that is water resistant. The outer coat is hard and wiry, while the under coat is soft and dense. The coat is all white, or may have lemon, tan, or badger markings on the head and ears. The Sealyham is a very minimal shedder.
The Sealyham Terrier has a tendency to be difficult to train. They are quick to learn, but may try to undermine their master's authority. They do well with early socialization and obedience training. Sealyham Terriers respond best to firm, fair, and consistent direction. They enjoy agility exercises and are enthusiastic participants in earth dog activities.
The Sealyham Terrier requires moderate exercise. They enjoy securely leashed walks. They thrive on family activities and play sessions. The Sealyham is well suited for apartment and condominium living, but is equally at home in the country setting.
Help reduce the number of Sealyham Terrier puppies in shelters by doing your due diligence. Many puppies are often purchased with little or no knowledge of what goes into parenting one. Uneducated decisions often leave the puppy in need of adoption and in the care of rescue groups. Bringing home a puppy into your family has many benefits but we first implore you to educate yourself. An informed decision will take into account the characteristics of the breed, your lifestyle, expected veterinary care, the demands and limitations of owning one, their activity requirements and levels of companionship required.
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bjcookie asked:

2/7/2012 6:06:49 PM

2/7/2012 6:06:49 PM

Is there a sealyham terrier resue group out there?



Google American Sealyham Terrier Club and up at the very top you will see "Rescue/SFF which stands for Sealyham Forever Fnd." The ASTC is extremely active in rescuing any Sealy that is either being bred indiscriminately or where puppies are ending up in puppy mills. We LOVE the breed. The name "Silly-Ham" seems much more appropriate for this guys. Another good website to go on for general Sealy health questions is "Sealy Health Guard".
3/2/2012 3:56:04 PM


We adopted our Sealy from an animal shelter in San Diego County. Not being familiar with the breed, we thought our Sealy was some sort of Terrier mix. She is a true Sealy in temperament and look. Our Sealy was picked up as a stray. A truly delightful breed.
12/27/2014 12:34:16 AM

Anonymous asked:

11/2/2010 4:48:51 PM

11/2/2010 4:48:51 PM

Is it usual for Sealyham Terriers to go deaf? What other kind of stuff do they get?

1 Comment


The Sealyham Terrier is known as a very healthy breed of dog without any common health problems. If your dog is going deaf and old age is not a consideration as to why, it is time for a vet visit.
7/16/2014 3:13:00 PM

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