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Pharaoh Hound Breed Information

Breed Group: Hound

Weight: 45-55 lbs

Height: Male: 23-25; Female: 21-24 inches

Color(s): tan or chestnut, with a white tail-tip desired


The Pharaoh Hound is naturally intelligent, well behaved, and very pleasant. Blushing is an endearing quality of this breed. Blushing when excited will steal your heart. Not recommended for a home with non-canine pets as this breed likes to chase things and is a hunter.


Cheerful, quiet, and independent, this breed is wonderful with children making him a good household pet for any child to grow up with. Can be wary of strangers, but will warm up quickly. The Pharaoh Hound is prone to timidity and should be well socialized as an early stage of life.


Doing well in running and obedience sports, the Pharaoh Hound should always be a companion animal. Not good for kennel life, this dog loves to be near his owner. This dog can be active yet calm and collected at times making this dog perfect for a household with children, although they should be properly trained with this breed.


Rubber brushing for the Pharaoh Hound is fine for removing loose and dead hair. An average shedding breed, this dog does not need regular bathing, only when necessary. A very clean and well kempt dog, grooming is not a big concern.


This beautiful and athletic breed has a short coat that doesn't need much grooming. The coat is short and glossy lying close to the body of the dog. The Pharaoh Hound is weather resistant to a degree.


Training should always be consistent and gentle as this breed can be very sensitive to a harsh voice. Prone to timidity, the trainer must be well experienced with this breed so they're not to frighten him. The Pharaoh Hound is rather intelligent and can do well in obedience.


The Pharaoh Hound if left outdoors for a long period should be protected from the cold. Does best in warmer climates, but if protected will also do well in cooler weather. A strong instinct to hunt, this breed must have a tall fence as they can easily climb or jump to find wild game.


If you are looking for Pharaoh Hound puppies for sale from reputable Pharaoh Hound breeders or to adopt Pharaoh Hounds from a Pharaoh Hound rescue then make sure you understand as much about the dog breeds you are interested in as you can. Every puppy breed is different. Begin your research by reading the breed information about the Pharaoh Hound puppy above. Search our dog breeds section to find Pharaoh Hound puppies that make great pets.

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Updated: 10/23/2014
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