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The Papillon originated in the 16th century, a popular lap breed of nobles and aristocracy in Europe. The French translation of Papillon is Butterfly, which they resemble with the white blaze on the forehead as the body, and the fringed ears as the wings. They are quite often considered to be a dainty breed, but in reality are well balanced and lively.
The Papillon is always alert, playful, and elegant. They are intelligent and friendly, taking great delight in meeting and greeting everyone they come into contact with. The Papillon does not display a shy or aggressive nature.

Does your Papillon bark, howl, and cry whenever you leave the house? Separation anxiety is extreme anxiety experienced by your dog when you are away from him.
The Papillon possesses a petite appearance, but they are a sturdy and hardy breed. They are highly energetic and athletic, but are also calm and patient. They are gentle and affectionate and love to be cuddled. A steady and obedient breed, the Papillon does well with older considerate children. They may display possessiveness of their owner. The Papillon is quick to alert their family to danger or visitors, and may have a propensity to bark at all sights and sounds. However, they are not yappy or high strung. The Papillon is a lovely companion.
The Papillon is a moderate shedder. Therefore, they need to be brushed several times a week. It is important to pay particular attention to the hair behind the ears and on the stomach as these areas are prone to matting. They should only be bathed when necessary, dry shampooing will typically suffice. It is important to keep the pads of their paws trimmed to prevent splaying. The Papillon is prone to various health issues such as cataracts, patella luxation, and Von Willebrands disease.

If your dog is displaying behavior uncharacteristic of his normal actions, call the Vet.
The Papillon's coat is long and flowing, and is silky in texture. They have no undercoat. Their coat will fluff at the chest area, and is fringed at their ears. The Papillons coat is white with patches of color, which include black and red. They may also be tri-colored with white body, black and tan markings. The hallmark coloring covers both eyes and ears completely and a white blaze on the forehead. They are moderate shedders.
The Papillon is extremely obedient and has an uncanny ability at problem solving. They require intense socialization at an early age, most notably with cats. They do very well in obedience and agility, and are highly trainable in the competitive show ring. They also make excellent therapy and service dogs. They respond best to consistent, loving, gentle guidance. The Papillon also loves to learn and perform tricks. They are typically easy to housetrain. Teaching your dog to sit, lie down, and stay is vital to the training of your new puppy. There are several accepted methods of house training your new Papillon puppy. Consider crate training if you need to adapt your dog to a safe and confined environment for various safety and comfort reasons.
The Papillon loves outdoor exercise and enjoys a daily walk. Yards must be securely fenced, as this breed will use their problem solving skills to escape if left unsupervised. The Papillon is an active indoor breed and some of their exercise needs can be fulfilled with play sessions. They are not recommended for apartment living due to their propensity to bark. Socialization is one of the single most important things you can do for your puppy.
9-10 lbs
8-11 inches
white with patches of any color
Grooming Needs:
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We raise show and pet quality Papillons and Phalenes. Our Phalenes have been imported from Sweden. We have a very small kennel in Nebraska and thorough screening is done on potential buyers. We have a spay neuter contract on pet dogs sold.

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Anonymous asked:
Hello, I have owned a Papillon for the past 4 years, however, I have a few questions I would like answered. What is the best dog food for my dog? I would especially like to know about full grooming. I don't like trusting my Papillons grooming to people, some keep wanting to cut her fringe and shave her coat and I know these are bad ideas. Her coat is not like it should be it's not as soft and fluffy or long as I am told it should be. I would like to know if its possible to fix it? Also bathing supplies, what all is needed and which is the best for her coat without staining it?

1 Comment


A grain-free, high-quality dog food is the best thing to feed your dog. Some brands to look at are Acana, Orijen, Taste of the Wild, Life Mates, Natural Balance, Now and Go! As for grooming, you need to either take a grooming course yourself or find a groomer who is experienced with Papillons as it sounds like the groomer(s) you've taken your dog too are not knowledgeable at all. Contact a local Papillon breeder to ask where he/she gets his/her dogs done. If they do their dogs themselves, ask to be trained by them. You need high-quality shampoo for her coat if you want the best results. But changing her to a great food will give her that silky, soft coat you are looking for as well.

Anonymous asked:
My Papillon is great most of the time. Then sometimes he will screech and then pout for quite some time. I was told by the vet that Papillons do like to manipulate and if you react to their screeching will cause them to continue this behavior so I should just ignore him and he will stop screeching and pouting. So that is what I did and it does work, but I just don't understand this behavior, and worry that something important is wrong.

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If you are unsure about your dogs behavior, the best thing to do is to go to another vet for a second opinion. Then, if there is no medical problem, seek out a behaviorist that can explain the behavior to you and give you tools to stopping the unwanted behavior.

Anonymous asked:
My 5 year Papillion is still humping, but he has been neutered. How do I get him to stop "humping"?

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Contact your local Positive Reinforcement trainer. He/She will be able to help you with this situation.

Anonymous asked:
I have a 4-month-old male Papillon, he still has a lot of his puppy coat, why?

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Papillons do not mature as fast as some other small breeds and not all Papillons have show quality/length coats. Papillons have fur that grows a bit like human hair. The older the dog gets the longer his feathers and plumage will get. It takes a Papillon about 2 years to be considered a fully mature dog. Also, don't trim the fur if it gets matted. Try to work the matted part free in order to retain the length. Regular brushing and quality dog food with a higher meat protein will help your dog keep a healthier shinier more lengthy coat.

Anonymous asked:
Are Papillon dogs hypoalleregenic?

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No, they are not.

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