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Neapolitan Mastiff Breed Information

Breed Group: Working

Weight: 165 lbs

Height: Male: 26-30; Female: 24-28 inches

Color(s): blue, black and sometimes chocolate


The Neapolitan Mastiff is very loyal and steady. This breed can be rather intimidating making him a good watchdog. This dog can be wary of strangers, making him seem more intimidating.


The Neapolitan Mastiff is a very loyal guardian and will protect his family and territory. This breed is large and powerful, and should not be left unsupervised around small infants, however is very affectionate.


The Neapolitan Mastiff, no matter how large or intimidating, is not aggressive. He is very affectionate, and surprisingly gentle. However, he has a strong protective drive making him regularly used as a guard or watchdog. This powerful breed does well with children if they are older, and can do well with other pets if properly socialized and trained.


The Neapolitan Mastiff is very easy to care for grooming wise. Brushing with a rubber brush occasionally will remove dead or loose hair. This is an average shedding breed.


The Neapolitan Mastiff, known for his massive wrinkles, has a very short and dense coat. The coat should be of the same length all over the body. Hair should remain straight, and should not have any fringe.


Training this dog should be started at an early age to avoid dominance issues. The handler should always remain firm and consistent. This breed can become over-protective so he should always be trained with a firm hand.


The Neapolitan Mastiff should always have regular exercise, meaning at least two long walks per day to remain healthy and active. This large breed should have an average sized yard.


If you are looking for Neapolitan Mastiff puppies for sale from reputable Neapolitan Mastiff breeders or to adopt Neapolitan Mastiffs from a Neapolitan Mastiff rescue then make sure you understand as much about the dog breeds you are interested in as you can. Every puppy breed is different. Begin your research by reading the breed information about the Neapolitan Mastiff puppy above. Search our dog breeds section to find Neapolitan Mastiff puppies that make great pets.

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Updated: 10/25/2014
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