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Lakeland Terrier Breed Information

Breed Group: Terrier

Weight: 17 lbs

Height: Male: 14.5; Female: 13.5 inches

Color(s): solid (blue, black, liver, red, or wheaten); or wheaten or golden tan with a saddle of blue, black, liver or grizzle


This friendly breed is very cheerful and affectionate, making him ideal for family life. Very alert, courageous, and somewhat independent, this breed however is not recommended for the average owner as he has the tendency to develop behavioral problems without experienced training.


The Lakeland Terrier can be wary around strangers, but does well with other dogs and can do well with cats if properly socialized at an early stage in life. This dog loves to chase moving objects so should never be let off lead unless in a fenced in yard.


Peppy, spunky, and jolly, this breed does exceptionally well with children. Very feisty and vivacious, this breed requires firm training. They love to dig and have the tendency to guard items that he considers "his." The Lakeland Terrier is somewhat of a barker.


The Lakeland Terrier sheds little to no hair, but does require frequent grooming. A professional should perform hand plucking the hair approximately three times per year. Hair inside the ears should also be plucked. The beard of this breed should be regularly cleaned.


The Lakeland Terrier has a thick double coat making grooming a chore. The outer coat should be hard and wiry in texture, while the undercoat should be soft and lie close to the body of the dog.


This energetic dog responds best with a variety of training methods and can be difficult to housebreak. He requires obedience training to be well mannered, and should have firm training.


As with most terriers, this breed is very lively and would do best with a small to average size yard. However, will do okay without one. The Lakeland Terrier does exceptionally well in agility, and loves jogging or brisk runs.


If you are looking for Lakeland Terrier puppies for sale from reputable Lakeland Terrier breeders or to adopt Lakeland Terriers from a Lakeland Terrier rescue then make sure you understand as much about the dog breeds you are interested in as you can. Every puppy breed is different. Begin your research by reading the breed information about the Lakeland Terrier puppy above. Search our dog breeds section to find Lakeland Terrier puppies that make great pets.

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Updated: 10/24/2014
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