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Breed Group: Herding
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Originating in Scandinavia, the Iceland Sheepdog is a spitz breed. During the 19th century over 75% of this breed was destroyed by canine distemper and the plague. As Iceland's only native dog, this breed is considered to be one of the oldest breeds in the world.
The Iceland Sheepdog is strong, robust, and well-built. They are highly regarded for their herding and guarding abilities. This breed is one of stamina and endurance. Iceland Sheepdog's are able to work on any type of terrain and in any type of weather. They possess a happy and gentle expression.

Does your Icelandic Sheepdog bark, howl, and cry whenever you leave the house? Separation anxiety is extreme anxiety experienced by your dog when you are away from him.
A loyal, loving, and hard working breed, the Iceland Sheepdog is active, alert, and energetic. This breed is affectionate, gentle, and friendly. Iceland Sheepdog's do well with children and other pets. They are typically non-aggressive unless they sense danger. They form close attachments to their family and do not do well if left alone for extended periods of time.
The Iceland Sheepdog requires occasional brushing as this will minimize loose and dead hair. Dew claw nails must be regularly trimmed. Bathing should only be done when absolutely necessary.

If your dog is displaying behavior uncharacteristic of his normal actions, call the Vet.
The Iceland Sheepdog is a double coat breed. The coat presents in either short or long length. The outer coat is weather-proof, thick, coarse, and straight. The under coat is soft, thick, and dense. This breed is a constant shedder that sheds heavily twice a year.
The Iceland Sheepdog is intelligent, quick to learn, and eager to please. Basic obedience is recommended. The Iceland Sheepdog breed does not respond to harsh or heavy-handed methods. Training must be done with fairness, firmness, and consistency. Teaching your dog to sit, lie down, and stay is vital to the training of your new puppy. There are several accepted methods of house training your new Icelandic Sheepdog puppy. Consider crate training if you need to adapt your dog to a safe and confined environment for various safety and comfort reasons.
The Iceland Sheepdog breed is not recommended for apartment living. They require an inordinate amount of exercise, activity, and family interaction. The Iceland Sheepdog requires a rural setting with room to roam and a job to do. Socialization is one of the single most important things you can do for your puppy.
Male: 25-30; Female: 20-25 lbs
Male: 18; Female: 16 inches
Golden Sable, Sandy Yellow, Red, Black/White/Tan, Black and White
Grooming Needs:
Exercise Needs:
Good With Dogs:
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Anonymous asked:
Do Iceland Sheepdogs have any health issues? What common ailments affect this breed?



The Iceland Sheepdogs do not have any common health problems. They are known for a fairly healthy breed.


They're fairly healthy, but they can develop health problems such as any breed can. Three diseases that can affect them are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and patellar luxation.

Anonymous asked:
I know this says that Iceland Sheepdogs are really good with other dogs, but I wanted to get another opinion, are they really good with other dogs? And, are they easy to train?



Iceland Sheepdogs are great with other dogs and very easy to train because they rarly disobey or disrespct their owner.


I have 2 Icelandics and they are great with other dogs. It's a really good idea to socialize them on a regular basis to ensure they aren't aggressive to other dogs or people. Invest in an "FURanator" as they do shed their under coats. Groom them regularly. Iceland Sheepdogs are easy to train, but they need to be worked/exercised.

Anonymous asked:
Do the Iceland Sheepdogs bark?



Yes, Iceland Sheepdogs are known for their barking, but you can train them not to bark.


I am an expat living in Maine and breeding Iceland Sheepdogs - gorgeous dogs. I know quarantine laws in Australia are harsh, but it is worth looking at what is actually involved. Dogs from a reputable breeder are healthy and come from excellent stock. Veterinary care is vastly cheaper here than in Australia and is not something that is skipped by reputable breeders.

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Updated: 6/23/2017