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German Wirehaired Pointer

German Wirehaired Pointer Puppy Characteristics

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German Wirehaired Pointer Breed Information

Breed Group: Sporting

Weight: 45-75 lbs

Height: 22-26 inches

Color(s): liver and white, with ears and head solid liver, sometimes with a white blaze


The German Wirehaired Pointer was developed at the beginning of the 20th century in Germany. This all-purpose hunting dog has the ability to work any type of game in any terrain. They display the skill qualities of a pointer, retriever, and spaniel. The GWP is medium in size, well balanced, and has webbed feet to assist in swimming.


German Wirehaired Pointers are noble and distinctive in appearance. They are muscular, sturdily built, and hardy. This is a powerful breed that is extremely versatile and incredibly strong. They are keenly alert and exceedingly loyal. The German Wirehaired Pointer has an attentive and lively expression.


This is a breed that is extremely affectionate and active. They are eager to learn, like to be occupied, and enjoy being with their owner. The German Wirehaired Pointer does best with older, considerate children. They are particularly attached to their master and may display jealousy. This breed will generally get along well with other dogs and pets, but may try to dominate them. They are aloof and suspicious of strangers and make good watchdogs.


The coat of the German Wirehaired Pointer requires brushing with a firm bristle brush twice weekly. They also need occasional stripping of the coat. Bathing should only be done when absolutely necessary. It is important to keep the ears clean and check their feet after the German Wirehaired Pointer has been out working. They are prone to hip dysplasia, ear infections, genetic eye disease, and skin cancer.


This breed has a wiry, coarse, straight and weather resistant coat. It is typically two inches in length and has a thick undercoat. This combination makes the coat water-repellant and protects the German Wirehaired Pointer from thorns and brambles. They are bearded, whiskered, and have thick forehead hair to protect the face. The color of the coat is typically liver and white, spotted, ticked or roan. They may also be a solid liver in color. This breed is an average shedder.


This breed requires early socialization to humans and other dogs. They can be stubborn and willful, but are eager to please. Obedience training given in a patient, firm, and consistent manner is crucial. German Wirehaired Pointers excel in agility, tracking, retrieving, and hunting.


The German Wirehaired Pointer is highly energetic and active. It is important they have vigorous exercise. This breed requires an active family. They make wonderful jogging companions and enjoy swimming. They are not recommended for apartment life as they can be high strung and active indoors. If they are not given sufficient exercise and stimulation they become restless and destructive. The German Wirehaired Pointer needs a lot of space and room to run.


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Updated: 10/22/2014
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