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Dogue De Bordeaux

Breed Characteristics

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Breed Information

Breed Group: Working

Weight: 120-145 lbs

Height: 23-30 inches inches

Color(s): Shades of fawn, from Mahogany to Isabella. Pigmentation is required. White patches on the chest and extremities of the limbs are acceptable.


The Dogue De Bordeaux is a fearless breed and aggressive at times, this dog is not recommended for an average home environment. This breed is said to have split personalities. Calm and gentle at times, yet protective and dominant at others.


The Dogue De Bordeax is used on many occassions for watch or guard dogging. This breed must be socialized well at an early age to avoid any aggressive problems in the future. Overall, this dog is not for the inexperienced.


A very intimidating breed, this dog can also be calm and gentle given the proper home environment and socialization. This breed, if male, should not be placed in a home with another male. A powerful breed, the Dogue De Bordeaux does well with children but should always be supervised.


An average shedder, this breed requires little to no maintenance. To remove excess hair, brushing with a firm bristle brush would be a good idea, however a wipe down with a dry towel or damp washcloth should be sufficient.


Better known as the French Mastiff, the Dogue De Bordeaux has a short, and soft coat. Has a distinct darker mask relative to the rest of his face. Requires little to no coat maintenance.


The Dogue De Bordeaux has average intelligence, yet is very loyal and obedient and eager to please his owner. Requires a dominant trainer to avoid any problems as this is a fearless, large, and courageous breed. Does well in obedience, working, and watch dog sports.


The Dogue De Bordeaux requires quite a bit of exercise, and would do best with a relatively active owner. A large yard is suggested when considering this breed and long walks would do great. However, the short muzzle can cause this breed to tire out quickly so proper water should always be available.


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Updated: 11/27/2014

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